NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A new company could breathe new life into an historic building in Park Hill.

Park Hill Elementary hasn't seen much activity since it closed several years ago, but that's about to change. Stacy Hamilton lives in Park Hill and serves on the neighborhood association's board.

"We have heard that there might be a tech company that's moving in, that they're exploring it," said Hamilton.

Hamilton said the idea of a tech company moving in is an exciting possibility.

"I think we would be thrilled. It would be exciting for the neighborhood. That's a great neighbor, that's a quiet neighbor. Tech jobs would be a great use of that area," she said.

The demographic for the historic neighborhood is transitioning and a technology company could draw even more young people to the area.

"A lot of the people moving into the Park Hill now are young professionals, so it could provide employment where people could walk from their home to their jobs. It would be fantastic," she said.

Walkability has been a big focus since the neighborhood began redeveloping its main corridor.

"We've wanted the area to be more walkable, so to think that a company could come in and provide jobs and people could move and walk to work every day and maybe walk to lunch. That's exactly what we're looking for," Hamilton said.

Hamilton said the association feels good about the building's future.

"As far as I know the purchaser is somebody who lives in Park Hill and this neighborhood is important to him," she said.

The software company is just exploring the possibilities at this time. No word on what the plans are for the actual building.