LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A 14-year-old girl is recovering Saturday evening after being hit with arrow at Allsopp Park in Little Rock Friday night.

The girl was struck in the shin of her left leg. According to police, a witness saw her pull the arrow out herself and then helped apply pressure to the wound until help arrived.

“This is rather unusual because no one came forward to say their arrow flew past the target or to say sorry,” said Bryan Germany.

The young girl was playing soccer with her dad and brother. Germany, who lives in the area, just so happened to be headed home and saw flashing blue lights.

“I was coming from the neighborhood Kroger and driving down Cedar Hill while running errands last night. I noticed a police presence down here. I thought the Hillcrest Neighborhood Watch Group and the Forbidden Hillcrest readers would be interested in knowing,” he said.

Germany arrived to the scene only minutes after everything happened and as the family was headed to Arkansas Children's Hospital. He took pictures to share with his neighbors on Facebook.

"I discovered that there was a cross bow bolt, which is an arrow used with a cross bow, laying in the field. It had a special razor blade hunting tip on the end of it that was bloody,” said Germany.

CREDIT: Bryan Germany

Phillip Davis and his family visit the park often.

“We come to play tennis and we come to walk through the woods,” he said.

As a parent with young children, he's alarmed.

"I think it's really strange and bizarre. It's something I would never want to happen to my kids, but at the same time it sounds like some freak accident. So, it's nothing that would ever stop me from coming to the park with my children,” said Davis.

Police report no one in the park saw where the arrow came from.

“If it was some sort of sharp tip hunting arrow, I would definitely be concerned and I think that person should come forward,” Davis added.

The victim's father wants everyone to know she's resting, healing, and is expected to make a full recovery. Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact police