NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Summer break is usually a time or vacation and relaxation, but a group of young adults Is using their time away from school to roll up their sleeves and get down to work.

Mary Dodson has lived in North Little Rock since she was just six-years-old. These days, she gets around in a wheelchair, which isn’t always easy.

“It was so bad, when it rained, I couldn't get down [my ramp],” explained Dodson. “I had to stay locked up in the house to keep from going outside and slipping on the old ramp.”

But today, she has a new lease on life, thanks to the eager young workers with the Ozark Mission Project.

“We have a group of kids out here today, and they're from different youth groups across Arkansas,” said Bailey Faulkner with the group. “They're so excited to be able to help Miss Mary.”

The Ozark Mission Project began 31 years ago, connecting local teens with people in their communities who have big projects on their hands.

“I haven't seen young people work like they're working,” said Dodson. “They enjoy their work. They do whatever they can to help anybody, and I really appreciate them being here.”

Faulkner said it’s not about the work that they are doing, but rather about the relationship we're building.

“I don't feel like we're giving up any time to be here and serve our community,” explained Faulkner. “I feel like that's what we're all called to do. We’re called to be neighbors and to get to know our community."

And that calling is something Dodson won’t soon forget.

“It’s gonna be awesome,” she said happily. “It’s gonna be awesome. I’ll be able to wheel myself down by myself and get in the yard."