Carrie Cook, from Louisville, Tenn., started her Facebook post by saying, "Wouldn't check a bag with American Airlines if I were you."

Cook claims her bag on an American flight from Knoxville to New York City was "dragged, a few items lost & several melted together."

She shared her surprise with 10News via Skype as she is currently in New York on her trip.

"I'm standing there waiting for my luggage and I see this bag coming toward me, and it's all ripped to shreds and half the handle is missing and things look like they are about to fall out," said Cook. "I think to myself oh my god, that poor person, that's horrible and then it gets closer wait a second, I think that's my bag marker, wait a second, that's my favorite tank top, I'm that poor person."

The pictures she took show holes in her luggage, melted parts and her clothes completely exposed.

"Lucky I bought new underwear since it got strewn across God knows where at the airport," Cook joked.

According to Cook, American Airlines responded to her claim, but it was an automated response sent to her email inbox.

Cook took her concerns to American Airlines' Facebook page. They responded by saying: "Oh no we're so sorry to see this happened. Please continue working with our baggage service team towards a resolution."

From her experience, Cook said it seemed American Airlines' priorities lie with policies not people.

"What happened to customer service? What happened to the customer is always right?" Cook asked.

WBIR 10News has also reached out to American Airlines for comment but have not heard back.