LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Halloween has come and gone, but now two of the most talked about holidays are going toe to toe!

Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which one do you look forward to the most? And do you think Thanksgiving gets overlooked during this time of year? The debate starts as soon as November rolls around.

“Thanksgiving needs to be a priority in our lives and Christmas needs to come after that,” said owner of Coming Home Interiors in Little Rock, Karen Carlin.

Is it too early for Santa to be on our minds? She’s not surprised some are already stringing lights, playing holiday tunes and buying Christmas decorations.

“Early in September we had people asking us when they would be putting decorations out. We just kept telling people to hold on and let time take its course,” she added.

Carlin admits most stores put out Christmas décor too early.

With Thanksgiving now just 22 days away, shoppers like Bill Winkleman think everyone should decorate and celebrate both holidays, if they’re able to.


“The way our culture has developed over the last few years, and with all the problems dealing with kneeling over the star-spangled banner, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday we need to recognize,” he said.

Others shopping around at Coming Home Interiors Wednesday said they just combine Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations together out of convenience.

The store has already decorated 14 Christmas trees and filled plenty of special orders this year.

"I just decorate for Christmas because I'm single and my grandkids come once a year at Christmas time. That's the only time anyone sees the place,” said Winkleman.

So what do you do? Do you decorate for Thanksgiving, or go straight for the Christmas tree?