HOT SPRINGS, Ark.(KTHV) - A trailer used as a mobile kitchen was stolen from a church in Hot Springs and inside was thousands of dollars worth of donated equipment used by the ministry.

The trailer was sitting in the church parking lot when the bold thief or thieves showed up sometime last Tuesday morning and took it.

New Life Church associate pastor Connor Smithson said it was a bold move to steal the trailer.

"I went to lunch and then came back and noticed it was gone. It was sitting on some blocks and the blocks were all busted up," Smithson said.

"Someone went into the New Life Church property and hooked up their 24-foot Bravo trailer and drove off with it," said Corporal Kirk Zaner with Hot Springs Police Department

Smithson said it was taken in broad daylight.

"Our church has no windows and so obviously we didn't see it happen," he said.

Surveillance video recorded the incident. Smithson said someone hitched it up and drove it out of the parking lot around 9:45 a.m. on May 9.

"People in our church use it to feed people," he said. "They travel all over the state, [it] feeds people, feeds homeless people, people in need. It's just full of cooking stuff."

The trailer is used to cook for hundreds at the church, for college outreach and they planned to use it for disaster relief.

"I would guess about $12,000 worth of stuff is in that trailer," Smithson claimed.

Zaner said it's not clear what someone would do with a trailer converted into a kitchen, but the theft appears to have involved some type of planning.

"Stolen trailers are an issue everywhere," Zaner said. "There's a lot of trailers that are stolen because they are easy to go re-register."

Smithson just wants it returned.

"We just want it back just so we can keep on feeding people, keeping on loving the community," he said.

The suspect vehicle is a white truck, possibly a Ford or Chevy. The trailer is a 2015 Bravo cargo trailer, Arkansas license plate AB168535.

If you have any information, please call the Hot Springs Police Department.