LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - There have been three homicides at the Spring Valley apartment complex in six months. The first two homicides were in March, two men were shot and killed.

Then on Tuesday evening, 64-year-old Billy Thornton was also murdered after being shot multiple times.

Brianna Brunson lives in the complex and said Thornton was known as "The Candy Man."

“He sold soda pops and cigarettes to people at the apartments," Brunson said of Thornton. "I guess he was doing it out of his house to keep them from being out here in the heat and walking down all the way to the store."

She said everyone living in the complex knew and loved him.

“He's real nice, I don't see how anyone could do anything like that, period,” Brunson said.

Brunson said crime at the apartments is getting worse and she's scared to come out of her apartment.

Little Rock Code Enforcement said when there are three or more violent incidents at an apartment complex, they look into opening an investigation. But the city isn't opening an investigation at Spring Valley Apartments since they consider the double homicide in March as the first criminal violation.

Lamor Williams, Communications and Marketing Manager for the city of Little Rock, said Code Enforcement doesn't open investigations to shut businesses down, they open them to help.

“We will work with the complex to help them to see if they can fix the problem, usually we work with them for about a year. We have a written agreement that they plan to take action to fix whatever issues there are,” he said.

Currently this complex is not on the criminal abatement program list, but the city of Little Rock said it could be discussed at the next staff meeting.

All three homicides are still under investigation. No suspects have been named in the cases.