LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- On Aug. 21, for the first time since 1918, a total solar eclipse will travel coast-to-coast across the United States.

This will be the first total eclipse over U.S. skies in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Because of social media, we will all be able to experience the eclipse together and talk about it instantly online. In fact, those conversations about the eclipse have already taken over the internet and they will likely continue to do so.

Many companies have even taken to social media, pairing their branding efforts with the big eclipse in hopes of sparking conversation. Krispy Kreme Donuts, Chiquita Bananas, and Oreos have all joined in on the conversation.

Paul Hughes, a Digital Insight Specialist for CJRW and former THV11 staff member, said businesses and organizations are focusing heavily on social media conversations involving the eclipse because it offers a very easy way to start a conversation.

“It’s something everyone is talking about in their daily lives, whether that’s in the office or at home,” said Hughes. “It’s a conversation everyone can be part of.”


Because it is something that impacts so many people, Hughes said the eclipse could be one of the biggest events we’ve seen on social media up to this point.

“It could spark more online activity and conversation than the Superbowl or even the presidential election,” said Hughes. “Because it’s so rare, it’s an even bigger phenomenon that people want to make sure they see and as a result they’re going to be talking about it now and on the day it happens.”

He said according to CJRW’s data analysis, the conversation online is already booming with millions of people talking about the event every day. NASA, scientists, celebrities, and your average Joe are all taking part in the conversation, saturating social media platforms with “everything eclipse”.

Hughes said he expects that during the peak hours of the eclipse, there will be major spikes on all social media platforms where people will be talking about it and posting photographs. But, he said to really know just how big of an event this will be, we will all have to wait and watch.

“Social media is constantly evolving and you don’t know how big an event will be until it comes around,” said Hughes. “But, it certainly could be bigger than ever before.”