MAUMELLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- Once just a stop between Little Rock and North Little Rock, the city of Maumelle is continuing to grow and expand. But with growth, comes some growing pains.

Traffic in Maumelle continues to be a concern as we often hear on our 11 Listens line. Mayor Mike Watson revealed today at the state address that relief is well on its way. Watson expects 2017 to be great for the city.

“The city of Maumelle is continuing to expand. We may not be growing at the rate we were in the early 2000’s, but we are still experiencing growth on an annual basis,” Watson said.

It’s still early in the year, but Maumelle is in full gear when it comes to building and creating a better community for its residents. Watson is in tune with the people he serves.

“Traffic is our number one problem and we understand that. We're working on the Counts Massie extension right now its 68% completed,” he said.

Along with the Counts Massie extension, the city discussed new developments within its fire department. Crews are expected to start pouring concrete on the bridge deck for Counts Massie this Saturday.


“Once they do that, we'll be able to pave it and open it up to traffic. Now that won’t get you to the interstate, we're working on an interchange design also,” Watson said. "That's about a $13,000,000 project that will be started in 2018 if we can get all the funding in place for it.”

The new interchange is expected to be completed in 2020, requests are being sent to the highway department this week.

New infrastructure isn't the only thing the city is working on. The city has a new U.S. Pizza location on Maumelle Boulevard and a new Chick Fil A is expected to break grown in April.

“The citizens are very excited about Chick Fil A coming to town because they have to drive to another city to get their fix,” he said.

Land surrounding Counts Massie is currently zoned for industrial and residential property, but some it may end up being used for commercial property.

"Commercial would benefit the city of Maumelle with taxes and also provide other shopping opportunities for the citizens of Maumelle,” Watson said.

You can expect the Counts Massie extension to be complete later this year.

The city is also growing by offering resources. The 15th Annual Maumelle Business Expo was held at the community center following the states address. This year’s theme was “Family Health and Wellness”. The Maumelle Chamber of Commerce offered free screenings and lots of giveaways.