UNDATED (CNN) -- Whether they're a prize-winner or not, a lost dog can be a stressful situation for any dog owner. That's where "Finding Rover" comes in.

It's a new app that helps find dogs using facial-recognition, or shall we say snout-recognition?

If the pampered pooches at the Westminster Dog Show could talk. They'd show their love for John Polimeno, the mastermind behind an app "Finding Rover". He said, "We don't charge anything, we don't sell anything, our goal is to save dogs."

His app registers a dog's face and its owner's details. So if Fido gets lost anyone can snap a picture, to reunite man and man's best friend. Polimeno said, "I think the statistics out there were that 9 million dogs were lost in the United States alone. And I think the numbers are like 30 percent to 40 percent make it home. We're going to change that."

This will perk some ears up, the technology behind the app cost millions of dollars to develop, but the app is free. Polimeno hopes to monetize the service with ads.

The owner of finding rover is enthusiastic. He said, "We've been out about a little over 90 days and we have a little over 32,000 downloads- and we've already found 170 dogs."

And don't worry, if you lose your dog before you download the app, you can always upload a picture of your pooch after.