LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A Little Rock man had not one but two cars stolen from right outside his home overnight.

The owner of those two cars, Josh Moore, didn't leave his cars unlocked. Neither of the cars were running outside his house either. Moore said he lives in what is considered to be a pretty safe neighborhood, but none of that kept him from being the victim of two auto thefts at the same time.

On Tuesday night, Moore had two cars stolen while he was sleeping less than 200 feet away. Moore noticed the auto thefts when he got up the next morning.

"As I locked my front door I noticed the Land Rover that's parked right here wasn't there," Moore recalled. "So, I ran over to where it was and noticed as I looked up the hill where I park my company car and noticed it wasn't there either."

His 2004 Land Rover Discovery and a 2015 Ford Taurus were both locked, but unfortunately for Josh the thief or thieves found the spare key for his company car in his personal car's glove compartment.

The car theft also happened right underneath the noses of Moore's two 150 pound Great Danes.

"She's normally my barker, so I don’t know what came over her," Moore said. "I don't know what came over you. You're supposed to watch out.."

Moore said police told him he wasn't even Little Rock's first auto theft victim of the day. The Little Rock Police Department said there have been 25 cars stolen so far this year. That's a 19 percent decrease compared to 2016. So far on the year North Little Rock has had 23 cars reportedly stolen this year, Hot Springs has had five, and Benton has had three cars and an ATV stolen.

So, while it feels like cars are being stolen left and right, each department said they're actually seeing a decrease in auto thefts. As for Moore, who only recently moved to Little Rock, he said he will be moving as soon as his lease is up.

"It's probably in Mexico by now," Moore guessed.

If you see Moore's older model silver Land Rover Discovery with the tag "Dane Wagon" or his gray 2015 Ford Taurus, you are advised to contact the Little Rock Police Department.