For the next 6 weeks we will be sharing stories of state foster children up for adoption. These stories lead us into the month of May, which is National Foster Care month.

The State of Arkansas has a shortage of foster homes. On top of that, through our partnership with D-H-S, there are hundreds of children who need and want to be adopted.

Children just like Brendan and Hayden, two little boys who, as you might expect, are very busy. They are everything you would expect from two young brothers.

At Museum of Discovery, it’s pure, raw energy. Not just Brendan and Hayden's either. They created some too, playing with some of the exhibits the museum has to offer.

"Look what happens, no more fan, no more light,” said THV11’s Dawn Scott.

“Why,” Hayden asked.

“Because he's not generating the energy for it," Dawn explained.

They are curious about everything. The bed of nails fascinated the boys.

"Oh they're wonderful kids, they're loving, kind, they're sweet,” said their DHS adoption specialist, Melanie Phillips. “They're precious."

Phillips said they've been together in a loving foster home for a while, and she said they belong together.

"I don't want to separate them, they have a bond, just like any other brother and sister has,” Phillips said, “and we don't want to separate that."

The boys can't sit still. Inside the "Magnificent Me" exhibit, the display that made fake bodily sounds was too much. Laughing innocent exactly how a childhood should be lived, far from the evils of their past.

"I never been adopted," Brendan admitted.

“I don't know that they fully understand what adoption is," Phillips said. "I know that they understand that they're parents are gone, I know that they understand that."

Still, every hour is play hour for the 8-year old and 9-year old brothers who are ready for adventure.

"Give them a chance. Every child needs a home, every child needs love. We all need love as human beings,” Phillips said, “and these children are precious and they could give people so much joy and happiness."

If you'd like information about Brendan and Hayden, click here for the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

And a big thanks to the Museum of Discovery for supporting this adoption series and for treating the boys to a great afternoon.