CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - Two firefighters have been arrested in connection to the theft of a motorcycle outside of Academy Sports in Conway.

The incident happened late into the evening of Tuesday, March 7 and into the morning March 8, but police were able to arrest two of the suspects on March 15. Both 20-year-old Nathaniel Morris and 23-year-old Thomas Forrester were arrested for the incident.

Both of the alleged suspects are firefighters. Morris works as a firefighter in Stuttgart while Forrester worked in Maumelle.

According to Conway police, an employee at Academy Sports was leaving work when he noticed three males with two motorcycles were parked near his manager's vehicle on the side of the building. The employee drove his own motorcycle towards the men to see if they were in trouble.

The employee then asked them if anything was wrong. He described the three men as wearing all black clothing with their helmets and sunglasses on. They told the employee that one of the motorcycle's rear tire was "wobbling."

The employee checked the tire and noticed nothing wrong, so he turned to get back on his motorcycle. That's when one of the male suspects hit the victim on the back of the head.

The victim then said he turned around to fight back, but one suspect had a silver handgun which the victim described as possibly a 9mm or .380.

The suspects told the victim to get on the ground where they took his keys to his motorcycle. The three men then escaped on the three motorcycles heading east on Interstate 40.

While speaking to the victim, the officer interviewing him noticed Mayflower police began a pursuit with three motorcyclists. During the chase, officers said that one of the suspects was shooting back at the police.

Police initially recovered the victim's motorcycle, but did not locate any suspects.

Morris and Forrester have been charged with aggravated robbery. Police have not released any information on the third suspect at this time.