LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Thousands of people are expected at Saturday’s Arkansas Race For the Cure. Streets will be filled with a sea of pink tutus, tennis shoes, and tank tops, but for two Little Rock girls, the race is about much more than just dressing up and walking with their friends.

"I'm just glad that I'm racing for my mommy and raising money for breast cancer," said Margo West.

Both 14 year-old Merideth and 9 year-old Margo West are team captains of Captain Komen and the Pink Tough Tutus.

"We are probably going to wear tutus on our head, like these big doo-hickeys,” said Margo.

Most girls will take any excuse to dress up and wear pink tutus with their friends, but these sisters aren't most girls.

"We don't try to think about the negative. We try to think about the positive,” Margo said beaming with excitement.

Their mother, Debbie, is battling stage 1 breast cancer.

"We did not have it on Friday before we went up to celebrate Merideth's birthday," said Debbie, recalling the moment she found a growth. "So, I thought it was maybe a spider bite, but it wasn't quite a spider bite.”

A mammogram revealed that Debbie had breast cancer. Her girls, she said, have risen to the challenge to battle with her.

"They've just taken big steps to growing up must faster than they probably would have if this hadn't happened," she said. "I don't think they would have just walked in to the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher on their own, or carried a load of laundry downstairs and started the laundry."

Not only have the girls stepped up to help her around the house, they also started a Race for the Cure team to support their mom and other breast cancer survivors.

"We knew my mom was a fighter and we knew, no matter what stage it was, she could get through it," explained Merideth. "But at first we were just all kind of scared, but now we just know everything's going to be okay.”

A heavy topic for anyone at that age, but sometimes you just have to put on your bright pink tutu and deal with it.

“I just really wanted to represent my mommy, and get all the support she needed for what she has,” said Margo.

You can catch Captain Komen and the Pink Tough Tutus at Saturday’s Race for the Cure, where Susan G. Komen will be accepting donations and also giving mammograms