CARLISLE, Ark. (KHTV) -- Two Carlisle High School students committed suicide within three weeks of each other, the most recent one, happened Tuesday night.

Superintendent Jason Clark said they’ve been set back yet again.

“I think we were beginning to make a little bit of progress on the last one and we were set back today and we are still processing that. There's a certain degree of shock that's happened again, there will be a grieving process with this student as well,” he said.

Clark also said he sees more students struggling emotionally now than he has in the past.

“We all watch the news and we've seen the 13 Reasons Why and some other things that are coming out and kids are going through tough times these days and there's a lot of things to trap them and social media can be a problem. Kids situations at home and social life can also be a problem for teens,” he said.

He said he plans to start educating kids on suicide prevention.

“We want to bring in special presentations for our students and let them know that this is not a choice,” Clark said.

The Carlisle High school Counselor, Andrea Fortner, said the outpouring of support to help these kids is constantly coming in.

“If we could draw anything positive from these things it's that the community and school really working together now for the common goal of helping our kids,” she said.

For anyone in mourning or in need of help she said it's there and they hope students take advantage of it to prevent anything like this from happening again.

“It's available all week we have extra people on hand,” Fortner said.

May 30 at 6 p.m. the Carlisle community is planning a gathering at the Carlisle City Park to come together and heal in the wake of these tragedies.

Stand Up Arkansas, an anti-bullying campaign out of Beebe, will also be giving speeches and implementing their program into Carlisle schools. They also have a 24-hour chat line to help anyone in need that can be found here.