LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - An Arkansas man wanted in the murder of his girlfriend on Labor Day was arrested in another state on Thursday.

U.S. Marshals arrested 33-year-old Curtis Dorsey in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Dorsey is facing first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of 35-year-old Sharniece Hughes on Mabelvale Pike. Little Rock police said the shooting happened in broad daylight and there were multiple people at the house when the homicide occurred.

Authorities found Dorsey in El Paso, Texas back in October of 2016, but Dorsey ran from police and crossed the border into Juarez, Mexico. Marshals were working with the authorities in Mexico to locate and arrest Dorsey but he re-entered the United States prior to that happening.

On Wednesday, deputies gathered information that Dorsey was living at the apartment on Mulberry Avenue. That lead was forwarded to the U.S. Marshals office in Clarksburg for further investigation.

After receiving the lead, Deputy Marshals and Task Force Officers confirmed the information was correct, and assistance from the Harrison County and Clarksburg Police Department SWAT teams was requested. Both SWAT teams responded to conduct the arrest.

During the arrest, crews entered the apartment and saw Dorsey trying to go out a window of the third story apartment. After refusing commands to get back inside, Dorsey jumped from the window and fell to the ground. Dorsey was taken into custody after he landed. He had some minor injuries from the fall but is going to be okay.

According to the release from the U.S. Marshals Service, Dorsey will be charged as a fugitive from justice and will appear in Harrison County court prior to being returned to Arkansas.

During the search warrant, 4.1 ounces of methamphetamine, one ounce of heroin and an additional 23 stamps of heroin, 3 grams of marijuana and $3,640 of cash was located inside the apartment. The Task Force is investigating possible charges for those items.

“The expertise of the US Marshals Service and the ability to coordinate with state and local agencies led to the quick arrest of this subject. If this subject had not been arrested, he would likely still be committing crimes in our community,” said Sheriff Robert Matheny.

Chief Robert Hilliard added, “The joint efforts of all agencies and SWAT teams led to a successful arrest. This coordination minimized risk to the officers and the public.”

Dorsey is currently awaiting extradition to Little Rock, Arkansas from West Virginia.