SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - Normally quiet, one neighborhood in Sherwood is concerned after several acts of vandalism this weekend.

Doug Freeman has lived on Barber Street in Sherwood since 1961.

“It's really a nice neighborhood, mostly older families," he said. "I've had some vandalism with my truck, but it's mostly just been eggs."

Unfortunately, this past weekend, the vandalism went a step too far.

“Someone took a ball bat or a sledge hammer or something to my truck,” he said.

He said someone busted out the back window of his truck Saturday.

“I had two tool boxes in the back but they didn't take either one of them,” he said.

Freeman was upset that someone would vandalize his property for no reason.

“I think it's just vandalism, some young person is out having fun and that's their way of doing it,” he said.

His truck is not the only one hit that night, just down the road a woman's car window was smashed in. Nothing was taken from her car either.

However, both victims are out hundreds of dollars in order to repair their windows.

But Freeman said he has some advice for whoever is responsible.

“The main thing I would like for whoever did this to understand is to have more respect for people, especially elderly people," he said. "It’s not as easy to get things done as a younger people but it's wrong to do it to anyone no matter what their age is.”

If this has happened to you, Sherwood police are asking people to fill out a police report instead of just posting about it on Facebook.

If you know anything about the vandalism that occurred Saturday night, call police.