As you scroll through your news feed on Facebook you may notice a few posts advertising those pair of shoes you were talking about recently. Or maybe a trailer for a movie you and a group of friends were talking about will pop up randomly.

But how does Facebook determine what to show you?

A lot of people assume that Facebook and other apps use the microphone on your smartphone to get a peak inside your mind. If you do a quick Google search you'll notice a lot of results that explain how to "stop Facebook" from using your mic, but Tim Whitley with Team SI said that's just not true.

Whitley explained that Facebook does not listen to your conversation through its apps. He said the company's apps are used the same way you would use them. The microphone feature is only there for you to record sound with your video.

In a statement, Facebook addressed the rumors saying they wasn't any truth to them.

"We show ads based on people's interests and other profile information -- not what you're talking out loud about," the statement said.

Whitley said that companies like Facebook, Google, and others use what your search for online to determine which ads would be most relevant to your interests.

So the next time you like a Beyonce post or share that cute Corgi video, don't be surprised if there's some Beyonce-inspired dog outfits on your timeline.

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