LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - With such a large homeless community in the capitol city, some people have questions surrounding city owned spaces and how the city enforces the law.

A Facebook post in a downtown Little Rock group brought up concerns about a man living in his car at a city-owned parking lot.

The post said the man had been living in that location and the poster had reported him to the city but that "they don't seem to care if someone just lives in a car on city property."

In the comments, many residents of Little Rock argued over whether he was a problem for the area or not.

But what is the actual law of potentially living in your car on city property?

We looked up who owned the parking on the Pulaski Area Geographic Information System's website and it belongs to the City of Little Rock. City communications manager Lamor Williams confirmed with us as well that it was city property.

We also went to the parking lot to see if the car was there. While no one was inside the car when we investigated it, a piece of paper taped to the window said, "This car is not abandoned. Broke down. Working on it."

A homeless man who frequents with the area said he has seen a man coming and going from the car for several months.

Williams said that, as of now, the city is not kicking him out and that local homeless advocate services are seeking to get him some help.

A previous version of this story included information about the location of the car, which has been removed.