Under the blazing heat of the Arizona sun, sunglasses can make a huge difference in keeping your eyes healthy,

However, not all sunglasses are equal. You need to make sure your pair is offering proper protection.

The most important feature: UV protection which keeps ultraviolet light out of our eyes.

A variety of problems can arise in our eyes from UV light. Often, people aren’t aware they are damaging their eyes because it’s a slow progression.

But building health eye habits now could pay off in the long run.

Sunglasses are more than a fashion statement. Picking the right the pair is essential for eye health.

We put two pairs of sunglasses to the test using a machine that measures the amount of UV rays that come through the lenses. Both sunglasses claimed to provide 100 percent UV protection.

The first – an expensive, name brand pair – allowed zero UV to come through, according to the machine.

The second – a cheap $10 pair purchased on vacation – also had 100 percent protection.

“Honestly, a lot of cheaper sunglasses around will have 100 percent UV protection. But truth be told, you don’t really know until you put it under this machine right here," said Pierce Kenworthy, an optometrist and faculty member at Midwestern University.

Make sure your sunglasses are good for your eyes by only purchasing pairs that are marked as offering protection from UVA and UVB.

A few more tips to protect your eyes:

• Make sure you're wearing a hat of some sort to help shield your eyes

• Go in for regular eye appointments so any issues are caught right away.