Research shows, if you put a pink ribbon on a product — a company will sell more of it's product, especially in the month of October.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are generated nationwide, but where does that money go? does it actually go to breast cancer treatment and research?

Tonight we verify who gets it — and our sources? Komen Arkansas and Breast Cancer Action, a group responding to the growing concern over the number of pink ribbon products on the market.

From the gridiron to grocery stories, pink is everywhere this month. Whether it's a product like a pink boa, hat or shirt, or a promised donation attached to a certain product, it's hard to miss. But how do you know when you buy pink, where that money goes?

There are two answers to that question. Part of the money may go to the Susan G. Komen organization and here's how you would know

"Only if it says it does. We work very carefully with our corporate partners and if they have an agreement with us, their product will say it goes to SGK, it will have our pink ribbon and tell you exactly how much of what you've spent will come to our foundation,” said Sherrye McBryde with Komen Arkansas.

In 23 years, Komen Arkansas, through the Race for the Cure and fundraising, has raised almost $27 million total. Of that money, 75 percent stays here in Arkansas to help with screening and education. 25 percent goes to the national foundation, all of which is used for research at that level.

But what about all those other pink products? Well, verifying exactly where that money goes proves a little tougher. That's because companies aren't regulated by standards that say how much has to go to a charity. It's dictated by the seller who can cap a donation when it reaches a certain size or date.

"If I were a consumer I would look at that tag and I would say ok who is this going to. If it just says something vague like breast cancer, I would be a little leery. If it has a specific organization, I would want to know about that organization. Then I would want to know exactly how much of my money is being given to that organization,” McBryde said.

Breast cancer action launched the Think Before you Pink campaign in response, and their advice? Ask questions!

--Does any money from your purchase go to support breast cancer programs? how much?
--What organization gets the money and what do they do with the funds?
--Is there a cap on the amount a company donates and has it been met?

Get answers to these questions before you buy. A good rule of thumb to verify if your donation is going where you think it is, give it directly to the foundation or organization you wish to support.

If you have something you'd like verified, email us No question is too small!