LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The dark reality is this year has been a violent one for Little Rock with an average of more than one homicide every week, but many still see hope. One solution suggests it all comes down to how we treat each other.

The word that’s being tossed around is compassion. Vice Mayor Kathy Webb wants the city of Little Rock to become a city of compassion. It's an international initiative to encourage citizens to work together to ease problems that include violence.

"They didn’t really know me but I’ve experienced from day one a lot of care a lot of compassion a lot of love basically," said Michael Moreno who received help from the Little Rock Compassion Center.

Receiving compassion has sparked a fire for the homeless men at the center to set goals and share compassion with others.

"I was ready to go, but now I’m ready to get on that wagon and be a productive citizen," said Bradford Noel.

A key player in that ripple effect is Pastor William Holloway.

"I probably got in and around this stuff when I was 12-years-old and I became homeless," said Holloway.

He’s now helping others in that spot.

"It’s showing compassion to somebody and then they show compassion to somebody," said Holloway.

It’s that idea that Webb wants to make a core value in the rest of the city. She got the idea from Louisville Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer who started the campaign in his city in 2011.

"Compassion means respect for each and every one of our citizens so that their human potential is flourishing thriving, shining like the sun," said Fischer.

It has no fiscal impact, just brings together programs that show compassion to learn how to make the biggest impact. Webb wants the city to agree to a three year initiative that includes proclaiming September as compassion Little Rock month.

"I kind of hope this does carry on with people out there that they can start looking at people and have compassion rather than judgment," said Moreno.

Webb told us this initiative can be something as simple as cleaning parks or holding canned food drives. This resolution will be discussed at the city board of directors meeting Tuesday night.