LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- 25 people were shot inside Power Ultra Lounge with several others injured after a mass shooting broke out early Saturday morning.

Victims across Central Arkansas are spread out at hospitals working to recover. None have been pronounced dead.

“We pray that you continue to bless oh God,” one family prayed.

In critical condition, 19-year-old Dajuana Mixon is one of the 25 shot. The army member is working to recover.

“Critical condition and on the ventilator but I have faith in God. She will pull through,” said her mother, Renea Domineck. “Whoever pick up guns they have to think about what if it was your family member. Would you want to sit at the hospital and pray your family member going to live?"

“God’s going to heal this. He’s going to make it better,” her step-dad, James Domineck, said as he remains positive. “Dajuana is a loving, caring child. This right here, she didn’t deserve this.”

Shots are heard in several videos that were taken during the concern when the shots started firing. Those sounds are still fresh for Kyanna Bogan who is recovering from a hurt foot.

“We heard gun shots, about 15 or 20 and we ducked down on the floor,” said Bogan. “We heard another round of gunshots and we were tumbling down the stairs to get out the door.”

She told us before the shots, groups were heard arguing.

She recounts moments after, “Everybody running and screaming and ‘help me’ and ‘I can’t find this person.’ It was sad and scary. I never thought I’d have to go through something like that."

These victims and family members believe something needs to be done to get the violence in Little Rock to stop.

“It’s a tragedy that happened. I pray for the people who done it and hope God have mercy one them,” said James Domineck.

“Whatever type of gun that was shouldn’t have been in the club period. Point blank,” said Bogan.

Credit: KTHV

A community prayer vigil will be held at 8:15 p.m. on Saturday at 222 E. 8th Street.