LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- In the cut-throat world of retail right now, Walmart cut the cake to try to get ahead.

The retail giant announced: "Happy Birthday, World" and handed out free cupcakes to every shopper for a few hours Sunday. Walmarts around the world gave free cupcakes for the best birthdays ever.

Store manager Ian Bardo said it’s the first year the world's largest retailer has tried a promotion like this. He believes it’s a way for shoppers around the world to come in, shop, and grab a free cupcake.

“Birthdays are important not only today but every day,” Bardo said. "It's about just trying to make sure that everybody gets a chance to say happy birthday on whatever your best birthday is."

They expected to give out about 63,000 treats in Arkansas. It's a day of recognition, no matter if it's your birthday or not. Everyone that walks in will receive a free cupcake. A release from the Arkansas-based company called it a sweet deal, a way to show off what the retail giant offers when it comes to party supplies.

Shoppers Amanda Coffman-Clark and Mamie Jennings were surprised by the attention Walmart showed its shoppers. They join more than 3 million customers receiving the same recognition, and although their birthday isn't today, they're glad the place where they shop is taking the time to celebrate their special day.

"I was surprised, like all this for me?" Jennings said.

"They are recognizing each individual person, like hey come in,” Clark said. “And you can get something for your birthday.”

Bardo is hoping this improves customer relations and service that will draw more people to an already lucrative business, all with the help of a cupcake.

"How do you recognize everyone?” Bardo said. “It's a business that we have been in for a long time, we recognize that customers have different birthdays, but how do you celebrate everyone's birthday? You can't do them every day."