LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It all started around 5 AM this morning. Fans started setting up grills, bringing out televisions and getting ready to party.

"You can't have a football game without hot dogs and hamburgers," said longtime-fan, Allie York. She joined hundreds of Razorback tailgaters lined up outside of War Memorial Stadium, just feet away from the team they support.

“We’re out here representing our hogs. I got my girls here," said fan Shuntine Nash.

The field was full of food, drinks, and games. York traveled from Conway to support the Razorbacks, catching up with longtime friends and family.

"A lot of my friends went to Fayetteville, and I went to UCA. So, the Little Rock games are kind of fun for us to kind of get together, because we don't get to see each other often," York said. Year after year, York comes to Little Rock, at the same spot for the same team with the same mindset: support the Razorbacks, grab a hot dog, and watch some football.

"This is one weekend where we can all just kind of like get away and hang out together, and sometimes it's the only time I get to see friends from my school year," York explained.

But that luxury may soon be leaving. The Razorback's contract with War Memorial is set to expire in 2018, potentially eliminating Little Rock games from the schedule.

"I am really sad; I wish they would keep it going. I feel like it's really fun especially for the people who live around here who don't get to go to Fayetteville," York said.

But for now, fans live in the moment, showing their support while it's local and whether it's dancing, grilling or cheering fans understand the purpose.

"We are just representing coming out and having a good time," Nash said.