LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A major storm Sunday morning left a lot of damage throughout parts of central Arkansas.

In Saline County flooding and high winds was a problem for neighbors, while flooding is no longer an issue for the county clean up still is. Storms caused trees to fall on homes and power lines to block roads. Neighbors in one community are just glad no one is hurt.

A home damaged in Saline County, after a tree fell into the Watson’s family house. John Watson said around 12:30 Sunday morning he and his wife were in bed. That's when they heard strong winds and heavy rains.

"It's by the grace of God that we are still standing here right now,” Watson said. “I got up and looked out the bathroom window, our master bathroom window, and no sooner than I turned around, I heard boom!"

Afraid for his family's safety, he searched for his wife and two kids, but with no power, it made it nearly impossible.

“There is nothing like a man trying to look and search for his wife in debris in your own bed,” Watson said. “And you're wondering if your kids are okay."

Now Watson is left with a mess to clean up.

"I am just thankful,” Watson said. “All of the material stuff that's nothing, my family is safe, that's what's important, and we will go from there."

According to Saline County Emergency Management, so far more than 20 people are displaced throughout the county, and more than 1600 people are without power. Downed power lines caused drivers to turn around in one neighborhood off of Sharon Road. And neighbors worked all morning, removing a tree from one family's roof.

Neighbors are helping neighbors as they clean up debris in front of one home. Janet Walker and other church members said it's times like these that get neighbors out and working together.

"We just came over because a lot of people lost a lot this weekend,” Walker said. "They are not even home yet, so when they get home, hopefully, we will have the tree out of their driveway, we will see.”

Law enforcement warns people who see downed power lines or flooded streets to take other routes. A flood shelter is open for families needing shelter. Crews are working all day trying to get power restored and roads opened up.