With so much tension in the world, the news can sometimes seem like a burden. But here are some of the more positive and "feel-good" stories that are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Morrilton resource officer changing image of law enforcement with Cop Car Karaoke

"Buddy Benches" placed to honor two boys killed in tornado

Two boys were memorialized on Wednesday with two benches two years after an EF-4 tornado took their lives.

Nine-year-old Cameron and seven-year-old Tyler honored by their Vilonia classmates in a way that represents who they were.

The handprints of Tyler and Cameron's classmates and teachers from two years ago were placed on two benches. They will sit in the shade of the primary school's playground, but they will be much more than just a place to sit.

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Little free pantry pops up in Sherwood

A little box is making a big impact in central Arkansas.

A little free pantry filled with a few bare necessities popped up last week in Sherwood, allowing anyone to donate or take what they need. It's full of canned goods, diapers, paper towels, and baby food.

Tiffany Stewart saw a similar pantry in Fayetteville and decided to bring it to her home town.

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Beebe students rally behind homecoming queen

Ark. family clings to faith after tornado

Update: Owner of family photos found in Louisiana

National Guardsman Tim Honea was stationed in New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina. He discovered a suitcase of a family's lost photographs and for almost 15 years has been looking for that family.

On Tuesday, THV11 found them with the help of social media and our sister station in New Orleans.

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Waiter goes above and beyond to help Ark. mom, baby

One picture on Facebook is catching attention from thousands of people on social media.

An Olive Garden waiter went beyond his assigned duties: babysitting, something customer Dallas French didn't expect to come with her meal.

After a long day spent at Children’s hospital, French was exhausted and so was her crying baby.

That's when Robert Davis stepped in.

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Maumelle police bond with kids over basketball

The Lions Club is celebrating its centennial year by spreading its focus to projects that benefit young people.

After a very successful fish fry fundraiser last year, they had enough money to pay for a project that brings the kids right into the backyard of the Maumelle police and fire departments.

These kids scored a brand new basketball court.

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Cabot Crafters help community with crochets and crafts

Cabot Crafters for a Cause are making a difference in Central Arkansas, specifically in their very own community. Two items, a needle and yarn, is all they need.

Founder Kim Jasmine was once a foster mom and started crocheting to give her kids something to call their own. She said the group takes a lot of pride in every loop they thread.

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'AR Rocks' hopes to spread joy in central Ark.

The group AR Rock is spreading joy in a creative way, by painting rocks and hiding them for strangers to find around Central Arkansas. The group was formed in July and meets every Tuesday at the Argenta Library to paint rocks.

“It was something fun, and it wasn’t necessarily for us. It was to put a smile on other people’s faces,” said Sarah Whitehead.

Whitehead and her children saw a similar project while visiting Missouri and decided to start a similar project at home.

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Hot Springs business donates memorial benches for Dallas, Baton Rouge officers

In July, five officers were killed in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge. A local ironworks shop in Hot Springs wanted to do something to remember them.

Tri-Lakes Ornamental Ironworks handmade iron memorial benches to send to both Dallas and Baton Rouge. The workers said this was a way to show that these officers have not been forgotten and will always be remembered for their sacrifice.

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Public safety ambassadors keep guests happy

Pit bull dognapped from Ark. humane society found nearby

There were hundreds of shares and hundreds of people searching after Boo, the Heber Springs Animal Shelter Mascot was kidnapped overnight.

Boo is somewhat of a Heber Springs legend. She’s a pit bull mix that nearly starved to death and ended up becoming the shelter's mascot and a community ambassador.

On Tuesday night, she was kidnapped, the shelter says, from her room.

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Dog walking app benefits local shelters

Did you know you can raise money for your favorite animal shelter, just by walking your dog?

Thanks to a mobile app "Walk for a Dog" local shelters are benefiting without having to raise a finger.

89 shelters in Arkansas are getting checks delivered to their doors, all because people are walking their dogs. The Little Rock Animal Village is one of those shelters.

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LR organization helps to furnish homes for the former homeless

One Little Rock organization is helping furnish the homes of those once homeless.

Jericho Way has created a new program that allows former homeless individuals to receive furnishings once they move into a new residence.

The program has only been around for a few months, and already they have housed 21 people--a number they're looking to increase by the end of the year.

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A Road to a Better Community: Tiny Homes

Tiny houses, or houses under 1,000 square-feet, are popping up all over the country. Millennials and retirees are trading in their traditional houses for tiny ones.

Habitat for Humanity is catching on the trend.

For many homeowners, they are a way to save money. Habitat for Humanity said can build two tiny houses for the price of one regular-sized house.

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