LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Arkansas Lottery sales have been at an all-time high. With the increase in money made in January off a big powerball jackpot, Arkansans are expecting more scholarships to follow.

A lot of Arkansans that THV11 spoke with worry that not enough of the profits from the lottery are actually going towards scholarships. Some are not even quite sure where the money is going.

A record $60 million of Arkansas lottery tickets were sold last month.

Randy Abraugh of Little Rock wonders if all that money is actually going back to Arkansas students.

“I'm sure it's being used for other things but yeah let's go with the generic answer that yes it's going to be used for the kids and the scholarships and the good educations.”

Even with the concern, lottery players are willing to take a risk for a chance at winning big money.

“Even though the percentages are one in a hundred billion or whatever it is, of course I would buy a powerball ticket.”

With revenue from the Arkansas Lottery at an all-time high, the question is will we be seeing more scholarships?

“All the money we make plus whatever expenses we have goes to scholarships.”

Bishop Woosley. Arkansas Lottery Director, wants you to know all revenue from sales is being handled properly.

“Whether or not it goes to scholarships this year it will remain in that fund, we put it in the fund at the end of every month. It will translate into scholarships whether it be in this current year or the next fiscal year.”

So all those profits will eventually translate to scholarships, and in the long run, more students will be getting some help with their tuition.

“Eventually that money one way or another will be given to a student here in Arkansas…an additional maybe 6 to 7 million dollars beyond what we projected for scholarships in this upcoming year.”

Director Woosley also said that one of the reasons behind the revenue increase over the past 16 months is a trend in fast ticket sales.