LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Two men are hoping to help decrease violence in the city of Little Rock by giving one apartment complex a way to realize their hoop dreams.

The playground at Fair Oaks Apartments is full of kids playing basketball but you may notice two things missing.

The kids here told us they haven't had a rim or basketball net in two years.

“We don't normally play right here since it doesn't have a rim so we just play in the rocks and the dirt,” one kid said.

Now, thanks to an off-duty police officer that works at the complex and his friend, the kids will no longer have to play imaginary basketball.

Darius Walton and Ryan Hill said a few hours after their Facebook post they had more than enough money raised.

“We made a Facebook post basically challenging all of my friends on Facebook to see if we could come up with a dollar from each person to come up with a rim that we found for $68,” Hill said.

Hill told us they had raised $600 on Monday.

They say they want to help provide activities for the youth because they believe it's a step in the right direction for the city of Little Rock.

“We understand that there is a crisis in our city and that comes a lot from the kids in our city having nothing to do," Walton said. "We need to put a little more attention into making sure the parks are clean and having things for the youth to do if we do want to decrease crime and violence in our city.”

Walton and Hill said they plan to have the rim and net mounted by the end of this week.