LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — A woman was caught on video last year brandishing a knife on Interstate 30 received a 20-year sentence for Robbery and Driving While Intoxicated. Arkansas State Police said that Naomi Coye of Boerne, Texas was side-swiping cars before she ran out of gas, got out of the vehicle and chased people with a knife.

Another driver used a gun to convince Coye to drop her weapon.

She pleaded no contest on Jan. 2 as part of a plea deal.


Here is an excerpt from our story from 2016:

Driver Lance Rhea came eye to eye with Coye when she tried running him off the road.

“That person looked at me and started shaking something,” Rhea said, “and I thought that person had a gun. I swerved.”

He said the driver then started laughing and sped off.

“I watched the gold car go to the next vehicle and do the same thing.”

Rhea said he tried catching up to the car, that's when he started noticing a pattern.

“When I got over the hill, there were two vehicles on the side of the road. Just a little bit further, there were two more vehicles on the side of the road," Rhea said, "And I could see the side of one of them had for sure been hit.”

He kept driving until he came up on a wreck involving five or six cars, Coye's car was one of them. Police showed up shortly after and took Coye into custody.

Once in custody police said she told them that she had been using Xanax and cocaine and "had been going for four days" leading up to the incident.

She had been incarcerated awaiting her court date of Jan. 9 before she entered her pleas.

The Arkansas State Police said they are glad they could prevent further harm to people traveling on Christmas Day.