LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Last weekend, a father and his two young children were found dead by the children's mother in a Little Rock home. Police later revealed they had been called to that home several times for domestic violence situations.

Now, one Arkansas shelter is reaching out to let people battling abusive relationships know they have a safe place to go. A victim of domestic violence that asked to remain anonymous, for her safety, told THV11 she put up with her abuser for 15 years.

“He held a gun to my head. If he couldn't have me, no one could,” she said.

She said he brain washed her into thinking she was worthless.

“No one else will want you, you're ugly, fat, stupid. He would say anything he could say to belittle me and I’d believe it because this is the man that loves you,” she said.

One day she said she realized she needed to escape, for her safety, her grandchildren’s, and his.

“My breaking point was I broke a bottle and I was going to stab him, I was going to do it. If it wouldn't have been for my daughter I would've done it. I knew then that I had to go and I had to get out,” she said.

She turned to Women and Children First for shelter and took her grandchildren with her. Assistant Director of Women and Children First, Lakese Henry, said they shelter a lot of families that have children.


“We have a childcare advocate that assists them with the kids while mom is going on an interview or maybe while mom is working with one for the advocates,” Henry said.

Henry said the shelter wants people trying to escape to know that they not only have a safe place to go, but so do their kids.

“Even at the adolescent age we offer support groups for them so that they understand they have a safe place and a safe person they can share the things they've been experiencing too,” she said.

Women and Children First is 45 day shelter but the victims can stay as long as 60 days. The shelter also has a 24 hour crisis hotline.

As for the victim we talked to, she is back on her feet and just got approved for her own housing.