What is usually a routine errand at the ATM for one woman turned into an attempted robbery by four teenagers.

Lola Alexander left a church meeting Saturday night, stopping by the Bank of America near the corner of University and Asher Avenues to withdraw money. But as she was attempting to use her debit card she realized she was not alone.

"I saw the four young men as I approached, but I wasn't intimidated because they were young boys," said Alexander.

One of the young men, which Alexander declared as the ring leader, demanded money from her but she resisted.

"I kept putting my ATM card in the machine, but it wouldn't take it," she recalled.

According to the police report, at some point during the hold up one of the boys struck her in the head with a plastic gun. Then as Alexander tried to leave, she said that the boys surrounded the car and prevented her from leaving the parking lot.

"It was a rubber gun, so I looked at him and said, 'I used to eat those for breakfast,'" Alexander said.

After the unsuccessful robbery, the would-be thieves took off after she threatened to call police. Once police arrived, Alexander described the appearance of the four boys and they were arrested soon after at the apartment complex near Walgreens.

"That was street savvy, yes," Alexander said of her ability to stave off the robbery.

And though it was a startling experience, Alexander remains unshaken.

"I was not afraid," she said, "I knew the Lord was protecting me. I was not afraid, but I had enough sense to know that if I acted any meek or humble way that they would be able to subdue me and I was not going to allow that to happen."

Police charged the young teen who brandished the fake gun with aggravated robbery. The other three boys were taken home by their parents.

Alexander said she went back to the same ATM later to withdraw money without any problems.