LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Even if you have a qualifying condition, getting medical marijuana might not be easy.

One question many Arkansans have about medical marijuana is: what if my doctor won't sign off on my application? It's a valid concern. Doctors don't have to do it.

We called the state's largest hospitals to find out what policies are in place and if doctors will be allowed to fill out your medical marijuana form. Listed below are their responses.

Baptist Health
“It is solely an individual decision by Physicians as to whether they want to apply to dispense medical marijuana.”
St. Vincent
“We are discussing this issue currently, but have not yet decided on any formal policy or procedure.”
Veteran's Affairs
"Federal Law prohibits VA physicians from prescribing medical marijuana and from completing forms/paperwork necessary for patients to enroll in State marijuana programs. Federal Law classifies marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance and Federal employees must comply with Federal law, despite State law allowing marijuana use. VA is aware that some Veterans who reside in States with marijuana programs and who receive care in VA, do indeed participate in marijuana programs. Given the differences between State and Federal laws regarding marijuana, a Veteran's decision to participate in a State marijuana program is a personal one and not one dictated administratively by VA. VA does not administratively prohibit VA services to those Veterans who participate in State marijuana programs, in some cases, participation in State marijuana programs may be inconsistent with treatment goals and therefore, VA clinicians may modify treatment plans for the health of the patient. VA's full policy concerning State marijuana programs is available here."
"UAMS policy regarding medical marijuana is to follow the law in place by the state. It is up to each individual physician to provide certification for patients who have conditions that qualify for medical marijuana treatment in Arkansas. Once the physician completes the certification form, the Arkansas Department of Health will provide the patient with a certification card giving them access to the medication."

So bottom line, you'll have to check with your doctor. If your doctor doesn't participate in the marijuana program, Connie Melton with the state health department said it's up to you to find another physician.