Now you can use Tinder to find your special someone — to vote for.

On Wednesday Tinder and Rock the Vote launched their Swipe the Vote poll.

The dating app — which normally has you swiping left for no and yes for right — asks you about policy issues and who you plan to vote for. You answer by swiping.

Then it will tell you if your views on the issues — think taxes, immigration, gun control and the Affordable Care Act, among others — match up with the candidate you plan to cast your ballot for.

After the poll is done the app tells you the nearest polling location.

"The voices and opinions of our users are more important than ever — with this election marking the first time that nearly all millennials can vote," Sean Rad, Founder and CEO of Tinder, said in a statement.

"Getting young voters to the polls means meeting them where they are, and incorporating tools and technology they're comfortable with," Jesse Moore, Rock the Vote's vice president for civic engagement, said in the same statement. "That's why it matters when Rock the Vote can work with a company like Tinder to make learning about a candidate and locating your polling place just as easy as meeting someone interesting and finding yourself a date."