LAKELAND, Fla. (WTSP) -- Brody, the dog who wandered from his home in Lakeland over the weekend, has been reunited with his family.

Hundreds of you shared 10News’ story about Brody all over Facebook, and now he’s back home.

He ended up in the care of Marie Stearns, who lives in Winter Haven, an hour away from his owner's house. Stearns thought she'd adopted a brand new puppy, so she told her friends and named him Mr. Noodles.

“The way he walked sort of reminded me of a noodle,” she said with a laugh.

Stearns even bought him toys and a leash.

“That was the first stop on the way home was at the pet store,” she said.

However, when she took him to the veterinarian, she realized Mr. Noodles wouldn't be hers for much longer.

“She jumped out of her shoes almost, she's like, 'oh my god, everybody's looking for him,'” Stearns said, describing the vet’s reaction. “I was like, 'what, who's everybody? What?' I had no clue!”

Turns out the vet had seen reports that Brody went missing.

“I wouldn't have recognized the dog, but I recognized the story,” Dr. Jill Davis said.

When Brody wandered away from home, the woman who found him took him to the SPCA in Lakeland. She said they couldn't take him that day, so she gave him to two ladies in the parking lot. Now we know those two ladies were Stearns and her mom.

“As I saw his family, I'm like 'oh, there goes my puppy,' but at the same time you're so happy,” Stearns said.

Every dog has its day, and on Brody's, he wandered into the life of a perfect stranger who was kind enough to take him in and understanding enough to let him go.

“People come into your life for a reason,” Stearns said. “I believe pets do too.”

Stearns is still looking to adopt a dog. She's just waiting for the right one.

Brody's owner said she's getting him microchipped as soon as possible.