Scottsdale police say 25-year-old Derek Virgilio is accused of using his cell phone to take pictures and videos up women's skirts without them knowing.

Police say the latest incident happened inside the Kohl's department store near the Loop 101 and E. Raintree Drive in north Scottsdale.

"I'm shocked. I shop in here all the time. I wouldn't even think of it,” said Mary Linebeck, who frequently shops at the store.

According to court documents, a security guard called police saying he witnessed Virgilio upskirting a woman while she was shopping.

The police documents went on to show that security footage from the store backed up his story.

Officers said while the suspect initially denied taking the photo, he later changed his story and told officers, "he was sick and had a problem," the documents show.

Officers said Virgilio also admitted to doing the same thing multiple times before at various stores in the area.

When it came to how often, he reportedly told them, "at least once a week," typically when he saw a "hot chick."

Police also said they found multiple pictures and videos of women's private areas on Virgilio's phone, which appeared to have been taken without their knowledge.

He's now facing charges for unlawful recording and voyeurism.

According to police, Virgilio did say he was sorry for what he’d done and that he wrote an apology letter to the victim.