VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A Virginia Beach man has been found guilty of First Degree Murder on Thursday in the killing of his coworker with a knife.

Edward Charles Brooks, 47, formerly from the 1200 block of Naxera Circle in Virginia Beach was found guilty after a three-day jury trial.

The crime?

Brooks stabbed his Members Barbershop and Salon coworker, Derrell Stephens, with a knife after talking about the TV show "American Horror Story."

On November 7, 2015 the two men had an exchange of words and Stephens walked away from Brooks. Brooks began talking with another coworker and customer about the television series claiming he would show them a real "American Horror Story."

Brooks stepped into the shop where Stephens sat peacefully in a chair. Brooks drew a knife from his pocket, lunged at him, and stabbed him in the left side.

When police arrived on the scene Stephens was critically injured at a nearby business. He was transported to a local hospital and underwent surgery.

Stephens died later that evening.

Brooks remained in the barbershop and was arrested.

According to police, the two men did not get along due to an argument months earlier over money from a dominoes game.

The jury gave Brooks his punishment of life in prison.

Brooks had not criminal record before this 2015 incident.