SPOKANE, Wash. — A man was rushed to the hospital after attempting to back flip off a bridge in Spokane Saturday afternoon. He remains in critical condition at Sacred Heart but was saved in the water by several teenagers who performed CPR before authorities arrived.

Several teenagers were at an abandoned bridge near Spokane Falls Community College jumping off the abandoned bridge and into the water.

The teenagers, Jacob Rosenberg and Marcus Olin said a man walked up to them and wanted to show that he could do a back flip off the bridge. When he attempted the flip, the man over rotated and hit the water hard enough to knock himself out.

Several of the teenagers were reported to be trained as lifeguards, so they immediately jumped into the water to help the man.

"We thought that he would be okay because he would start breathing again," Rosenberg said. "But there was so much blood blocking him from breathing he would eventually stop and he'd be gone."

After pulling the man out of the water, the teens performed CPR and reportedly brought him back to life four different times before the authorities showed up to take over the situation.

"It was definitely a scary experience to see someone lose their life and then come back to life," Olin said.

Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said the authorities got the man's heart and blood going again after using a defibrillator and he was still alive when transported to Sacred Heart.