HAINES CITY, Fla. -- A mother of a student at Alta Vista Elementary school said her son's bus driver told him he and his two moms weren't going to heaven.

It reportedly happened on February 8, when seven-year-old Joseph DeJesus was being dropped off at the end the day. His mother, Nathaly Encarnacion, said the driver, Violeta Jacobo, waited until all the other kids were off the bus.

Then, Encarnacion said, she gave him a business card for the Jehovah's Witnesses and told him God doesn't like same-sex relationships.

She also cited bible verses, described the bad things that would happen to him and pointed out billboards with men and women couples and told the second grader that's what a relationship should look like, according to Encarnacion.

The bus driver has been placed on paid administrative leave. School board members said they're looking into what happened and whether disciplinary actions should be taken against her.

The Polk County issued a statement Tuesday, which reads:

"We are aware of the serious allegations against bus driver Violeta Jacobo, and currently an internal investigation is taking place.

It has never been the policy of the Polk County School District for employees to speak with students about religious matters. We are deeply concerned that one of our employees has been accused of such behavior. This employee has been placed on paid administrative leave while we conduct our internal investigation.

As part of this inquiry, we will be speaking with the student's mother. Counseling services are available for the student upon the family's request.
We will not be providing interviews or further comments at this time due to the pending nature of our internal investigation."