TAMPA-- A mother and her boyfriend are facing child neglect charges after her 10-month-old baby boy was severely burned in the shower, police said.

Police arrested Cayla Zarvas, 24, and her 24-year-old boyfriend Dennis E. Zipprian on child neglect with great bodily harm charges on Oct. 14, 2016.

The affidavit says Zipprian was alone with his girlfriend's son while she worked at Pizza Hut. He left the infant alone in the shower for 5 to 7 minutes. The water was so hot it burned the boy's face, buttocks and genitals, resulting in blistering.

Zipprian eventually noticed the baby's burns and took him up to the Pizza Hut to tell Zarvas about the incident. Investigators say Zarvas left work and went with Zipprian to Walmart to buy burn cream. They also left the baby alone in the vehicle for 20 minutes while they bought the cream as well as Cheerios, popcorn, seasoning and milk.

The couple took the child to the hospital the next day. The baby was admitted to the burn unit at Tampa General Hospital. Doctors believe there will be permanent scarring and discoloration from the burns.

The incident is still under investigation.