SAPULPA, Oklahoma (KWTV/CBS) -- A Sapulpa 2nd grade teacher was arrested on drug and embezzlement complaints Monday at Holmes Park Elementary in Oklahoma.

Court records show the assistant superintendent called police after the teacher, Megan Nicole Sloan, left her Facebook account open on another teacher's computer.

Administrator Johnny Bilby told police the second teacher could see a conversation where Sloan was talking about using and selling heroin as well as pawning items that belonged to the school, an affidavit states.

Police say Sloan was questioned and admitted using drugs even before they searched her purse and found heroin.

"She says her kids have never had access to her purse," said Lieutenant Philip Diehl, Sapulpa Police.

"This particular morning the purse was left in the classroom, because as soon as she arrived at work she was called down to the office, and so she set her purse down and left."

Officers were surprised by what they found in the purse.

"Multiple - I would guess maybe 40 syringes, some empty, some still had liquid in them, some still had needles, some did not," Diehl said.

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