Meg Sullivan quite literally turned over to a new chapter of her life with the peel of an orange.

Her father had pre-peeled her oranges and packed them in her school lunches every day. On her last day of school, she opened her lunch and found this note:

She decided to post the note as a tweet and it went viral, with over 70,000 retweets and 300,000 likes and counting.

Everyone on Twitter seemed to have the same reaction: #adorbs

She told USA TODAY College that her dad peeling her oranges for her started as a joke when she was younger and just kept going.

“Sometime last year my sister started making fun of my dad for taking the time to peel my oranges for me even though I was 17 years old and completely capable,” Sullivan says. “After that it became somewhat of a joke although he still peeled them for me every day.”

Sullivan and her dad are incredibly close, to the point where he traveled to every one of her softball games this past spring. “He has always gone above and beyond for me,” she says.

On the emotional aspect of the note and what it represents, she’s experiencing something every college student goes through before they leave the nest — acceptance.

“I spent many hours on my 18th birthday crying to my dad about how I don’t want to leave, [but] on most days I’m excited to go out and try new things,” Sullivan says. “I’m excited for college, but as I stared at the [orange] letter more, I realized that I really won’t have any more packed lunches anymore and no more pre-peeled oranges.”

A lot of people on Twitter focused on the fact that she was still having her oranges peeled for her.

“I do know how to peel an orange and am more than willing to make my own lunches,” Sullivan points out.

Soon, Sullivan will attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. The note from her dad now feels like the first big step toward her new life, she says. When asked how it actually felt to peel that first whole orange, Sullivan said it was about much more than eating fruit. “I was definitely feeling like I was turning to a new chapter in my life.”