Following a recent data breach at Equifax that impacted millions of Americans, the Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers not to fall for a phone scam.

According to the FTC, Equifax will not call you to verify your account information.

These calls are designed to get your personal information, and are taking advantage of an incident that has everyone worried about their account status.

Tips for recognizing and preventing phone scams:

If you get a robocall, hang up. Don't follow the recording prompts, even if they say it will unsubscribe you. Punching any number will mostly likely lead to more robocalls.

Don't trust caller ID. Scammers can make it look like they're calling for a specific company.

Don't give out your personal information. Don't provide any information over the phone unless you made the call and know the number you called is correct.

The FTC says you should report any calls you think are fake. They also have tips for what to do if your information is lost or stolen.

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