LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- The Salvation Army Angel Tree program provides new clothing and toys for children that may otherwise go without during the holidays.

This holiday season salvation army took in 3,300 angel tree kids. The deadline to pick an angel is closing in and there's still 900 children that haven't been adopted.

Tracy Czajkowski, a volunteer with the Salvation Army, said they've got about 500 angels at McCain mall and 400 at Park Plaza Mall.

“Each of the angel's represent a child, there's a first name and the age of the child and sizes that they wear and wishes and needs,” she said.

If you want to buy for multiple boys or girls then maybe the family option is what's for you. A lot of the family packs have two, four, and up to six kids per family.

Some people said they give because they too have been through hard times.

“My husband was on angel tree when he was a kid so we decided to give back and, instead of us buying each other gifts, we bought gifts for someone in need,” said one woman.

“I have had this happen to me before and I know how cool it is for the families to receive it,” said another woman.

Other people said they give out of the kindness of their heart.

“Being kind and showing people that you can love other people even if they're not in your family,” one kid said.

No matter the reason for your giving, each gift is important.

“I'm fortunate for everything I have and there's someone less fortunate out there so I want to give back to them,” said one giver.

“I just don't really know how to say how amazing this is to the people that get it,” said one woman.

The deadline to drop off angel tree gifts was supposed to be tomorrow but the Salvation Army has extended it to December 14 in hopes that every child will be chosen.