LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Concealed carry instructors can now take the test to offer enhanced concealed carry classes.

Wednesday was the first day instructors could take the 50 question, true or false test. The test is also now a requirement for all instructors. They must pass it if they wish to keep training.

Enhanced concealed carry allows people with concealed carry licenses to get an extra permit to carry guns in places that were not previously allowed — like college campuses, churches and public buildings.

"I figured if I want to train concealed carry instructors than I need to be an enhanced instructor myself,” Instructor Robert Jennings said.

Dozens of concealed carry instructors came from all over Arkansas, to be one of the first the first to pass the enhanced carry test at Arkansas State Police Headquarters.

"I want to be able to teach the class. I've got students that are asking for the class. They're excited to be able to take it and get their enhanced license,” Instructor Jody Box said.

Many decided to take it on the first day, because they wanted to get it out of the way.

"I wanted to go ahead and get it done so I'd be able to offer this sooner than later,” Instructor Elka King said.

The test involved question about the law and how to train the enhanced carry course. Instructors were given a guide to study off of.

"It requires a little but more of shooting training and I really believe that anybody that has a concealed carry license should get as much training as they can get,” King said.

For enhanced concealed carry, you are required to fire 50 rounds at a target at 3, 7 and 15 yards.

"There's training that's going to be required on emerging events that's really geared around active shooter, active shooter threats and how you manage that,” Box said.

Some instructors say they do not necessarily agree with the law's wording.

"If I was king of Arkansas, I would have somebody just go in and rewrite the whole thing top to bottom. There’s a lot of flipping back and forth between the rules and the law and the old law,” Jennings said. “Just like the tax code. Make it easier to read for the common man."

However, whether the instructors like it or not, the test is not an option.

"The law says if you're going to remain an instructor you have to take the enhanced conceal carry test and you have to offer enhanced training,” Instructor Carl Burdine said.

The instructors who took the test Wednesday should get their results back on Friday.

They must get 40 out of 50 questions correct to pass.

Instructors have until July 1 to take the test, otherwise their instructor certification will not be renewed.