DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- As Hurricane Matthew brings down Category 3 winds and rains along the Florida east coast, CBS affiliate WKMG-TV (Orlando) reporter Sachelle Saunders had a candid moment just before her report.

Saunders, braced against a concrete pillar in Daytona Beach, is battered by strong gusty winds and pelting raindrops but she keeps her smile as producers ask her how she is doing.

Just before she went on air Saunders says "I'm okay. I'm alright. Just, uh, evaluating my life right here in front of this concrete block."

That is as close to a #RealTalk moment as one can get during a catastrophic hurricane.

She continues to deliver her live shot as the camera operator pans to her right, showing Daytona's impact from Hurricane Matthew, bringing gusts over 60 mph.

Unable to move from her position, Saunders reports that she could be easily knocked down and the raindrops were painful. And she makes it through to the end of her segment without missing a beat.