GREENSBORO, N.C. - From the moment Becky and Zack Carico got engaged at a Red Skins game:

“I probably posted maybe 30 minutes after he proposed,” Becky said.

They’ve been posting Instagram and Facebook gold.

“I was really excited to tell everyone we got engaged and he picked the most perfect spot,” she said.

Always thinking about if the other person will be okay before pressing send.

“You know what I want on there. I know what you don’t and do want on there. But if there’s something questionable, you still ask,” Zack said.

Now some couples are taking that prior approval to the next level with a social media prenup. You sign a contract about what your spouse can and can’t post about you in case of a divorce. Then if they put up something online that makes you want to hit the angry reaction, it could cost them sometimes up to $50,000 bucks per post.

Attorney Adam Arthur has even written them right here in the Triad.

“It’s not uncommon, but it’s not popular either,” he said.

If you get divorced, the prenup could keep your ex from posting those unflattering pics of you in a swimsuit, talking about your affair online or your drinking problem. Arthur says he sees these kinds of revenge posts all the time.

“Oh it’s painful, and I don’t think people realize what their words do and what their posts do. The children are going to see that,” he said.

But not with his clients who had a social media prenup.

“It can make a difference. When everyone knows what’s to be expected and how to move forward in life, things seem to calm down,” he said.

The Carico’s see where a social media prenup could come in handy.

“People do some pretty natsy things to each other as the relationship is breaking up, so I can see people needing a prenup for what can and can’t be posted,” Zack said.

But for them:

“I think that we would both be able to walk away from it, and not put bad things about each other online,” Becky said. “Obviously, I hope that never happens, that we stay together forever.”

A social media prenup will run you anywhere from $200 hundred to $2,000 depending on how detailed you want it. And if you’re already married you can still get this. It’s just called a postnup instead of a prenup.

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