Michael Mercurio was a World War II veteran.

He lived in Bellville, Illinois. His wife's name was Elizabeth. He was Catholic.

That's all Matthew Hill and Collin Baker, both 16, know about him. They want to know more.

The two work at a car wash in Parker, right off of E-470. It was on Sunday, Aug. 27 when they found a dog tag in a canister of a vacuum.

"Once in awhile we come across some pretty cool things," Matthew said. "Mostly just loose change and dirt and a lot of hair ties."

The dog tag dates back to the 1940s.

"It's kind of a piece of history," Matthew said.

Matthew learned about Mercurio through an obituary online. Mercurio died in 2004, and his final resting place is the same city listed on his dog tag- Bellville, Illinois.

Bellville is more than 800 miles away from Parker.

"It might be like the last thing that they have of his and its just a resemblance of who he was and what he did," Collin said. "It's really important to go back to the family."

Matthew's mom believes she's found Mercurio's son online and has left him a message to let him know about the dog tag.