COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas A&M police are investigating reports of more than 100 fake tickets that were sold at this weekends football game. They also say there could be even more that have yet to be reported. According to university police, 64 people spent more than $16,000 on fake tickets.

One person from Georgia has been arrested for trademark counterfeit. University police think more people might be involved. Now, they are urging people to be cautious when buying tickets.

"Avoid purchasing them at games from scalpers," said Lt. Baron with UPD. "Also, avoid the classified websites, like craigslist."

Lt. Baron recommends buying the tickets directly from the school or on website like and He says if you do end up purchasing a fake ticket, you will likely not get your money back. Either way, police want people to report the illegal sale so they can hopefully track down more perpetrators.