Some University of Denver students were challenged to create a start-up company in three hours, with just $20.

Isaiah and Amelia decided to buy a loaf of bread with that money, and with an etching machine provided by the university's lab, the two were able to launch Facetoast.

The concept is fairly straightforward. You give them an image, and they can put it on toast.

They sold 57 pieces in just those first three hours.

"We didn't think the idea had that much validation to begin with," Isaiah Silva, a senior at DU said. Silva is one of the brains behind Facetoast. "But once we had these sales, we thought we got to keep doing this."

A funny idea quickly turned into a profitable business.

"The feedback was amazing," Amelia Coomber, a senior at DU said. Coomber is also a founder of Facetoast.

The toast is first dried and then dipped in polyethylene to preserve it.

"What you get from us is a work of art," Silva said. "At the end of the day, we want this to last, something you can hang on the wall."

A laser engraver is then able to put high resolution photos onto the pieces of bread.

They even etched an image of our photojournalist Chris Hansen!
(Can't see the GIF? Click here:

The two founders of Facetoast believe it's a revolutionary way to capture images.

The idea was birth from a challenge Coomber and Silva took on called "The Leanest Startup Competition" by DU's entrepreneurship club.

Facetoast won.

"We believe that is the heart of what start-ups are," Coomber said. "Start-ups are about uncertainty."

They even etched out a couple of images for us:

Here's the 9NEWS Logo...

Our favorite A-line

Kyle's face

And of course, snow-covered patio furniture

For each piece of toast they sell, Facetoast will donate a loaf of bread to the Food Bank of the Rockies.